Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Know You're NOT in Peru When....

...your glasses fog up as soon as you walk out of the air conditioning. actually need air conditioning. can flush toilet paper down the toilet again. don't hear dogs barking throughout the night. can drink tap water again without any worry of getting sick. have to drive yourself to the store. don't see taxis and hear car horns on every corner.
...the sound of a car horn is impatient instead of safe and polite. don't get to spend daily time with your sister, brother-in-law and niece.

I am now back in the states and these are just a few things that are different from Peru. There are a mix of positive and negative differences. For instance, I don't mind the absence of dogs barking through the night but I sure miss the weather in Arequipa! I loved experiencing a Latin American culture that was slightly different from my previous experience in Costa Rica. It was great getting introduced to the daily life of my family down there and to get to experience their ministry. There are several pictures and several stories that will be posted soon. I hope everyone continues to have a great summer and I hope to catch up with y''all soon.

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  1. And when you can drive yourself through Sonic, order in English, automatically get ice in your huge drink, and buy Blue Bell at the grocery store anytime you want. And pulic bathrooms are pretty much guaranteed to have toilet paper. And your showerhead can't shock you. I'm just sayin'...